strategic Business Consulting


Our Services are strategic in nature and create long-term shareholder value.

Operations & Sales

  • Interim Chief Operating Officer
  • Company Build-out in Series A. B, C               rounds
  • Partner Channel Build-out for Enterprise         or emerging companies
  • Channel Management & Development
  • Sales Build-out
  • Re-engineering Companies

cloud services.


  • Program Team Leadership
  • Strategy, Design & Implementation
  • Global SaaS Roll-outs in SAP Ariba.
  • Supply Chain Management


Block Chain & Crypto Currency

  • Web Strategies for Customer Acquisition
  • B2B & B2C commerce
  • e-Procurement Management
  • Catalogs 

Growth & Divisions.

Real Estate

  • Commercial Development Planning &             Implementation
  • Financing (SBA & Conventional & IRB's)
  • Tenant Acquisition (Anchor)
  • Facility Utilization 

Divisions & Non-Organic Growth

  • M&A
  • Market Consolidation 
  • Divestiture of Division or Business Unit
  • Turn-arounds


Aware that every engagement we complete is different, we discuss your needs, goals and challenges facing you and your team.

Next, we quickly research and assess the variables, whether internal or external and outline a few path's forward for your review.

Finally, after additional conversations, we prepare a clear Scope of Work and define the phases to complete and the desired results. Estimated time-frames and billing cycles aligned to results are also provided.

Budget & Financing Planning for Start-ups & Turnarounds


We are an excellent fit for organizations seeking to transform and are facing challenges or opportunities on a variety of fronts. After we meet to review and discuss the initiative in a candid and confidential manner we create a defined Proposal with a clear Scope of Work. 


Our curve is generally very small and during our initial conversation, our clients recognize our breadth of experience and result achieved. We are open and willing to explore as we offer a fresh and unique view.


We collaborate and inquire without threatening or intimidating the team. We understand that eventually, IMPLEMENTATION follows and we need the entire team.


NDA's are always and immediately completed. We take pride in our work and know that in many instances we are one to three years ahead of an organization.


  • SaaS
  • SAP Ariba Leader for Contracts, Sourcing, Risk, SLP and Buying & Invoicing 
  • eCommerce
  • Develop and launch B2B & B2C e-commerce strategies
  • Sales
  • Lead National & International B2B and B2C Sales Teams
  • New Customers Acquired  and Channels Opened
  • New Markets Opened & New Products & Services Modeled and Launched
  • CRM Assessments & Strategies
  • Operations
  • Global Operations realigned & Automation incorporated
  • Fulfilled I-Chief Operating Officer role
  • Budget & Financing Planning for Start-ups & Turnarounds
  • Companies Re-engineered & International Divisions realigned affecting                12,500 Associates
  • CRM Assessments & Strategies
  • Division(s) Sold and or Merged (Private)
  • Real Estate Portfolios Financed and or Sold
  • Other Executive Consulting Services
    • Multiple Non Profit Services provided pro-bono services
    • Industries Served
    • Manufacturing, Food, Technology, Service, Finance, Retail, Transport
    • Logistics & Distribution, Gov, Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, Textile, 
    • Construction & Real Estate, Insurance, Commodities and others