strategic Business Consulting



People embrace brands they trust - outside of the normal environment.

Retail & Online

Customers trust and shop online. Connect the two worlds.


Strength in #'s.

Saves time, money, head count and creates profits.


to industry leaders--internationally.

B2b & GOV

Channel Management & Partner development.

these and other of the best brands focused on global results--Online and at retail with KPI's to ensure success and continued performance.


Provide support to enable 500k children learn through exploring space. 


E-Com enhancements via partners enables sites quickly and profitably. 


Customers always move--channels merge and new emerge. 


Successful Coupa SaaS division sale in 60 days.

Analysis & Strategy

Experts who are skilled with a variety of types of statistical analyses and people skills who are committed to your organization's success.

Customer Research

Objective 3rd party listeners who explore in a non-intrusive manner and enable the Customer to embrace their partner for purposes of exploring a deeper relationship.


Recognition of processes and the Discovery of opportunities that are Mapped to the organization for growth and value.

Change ManagemenT

Defining tomorrow based upon validated Research with Customer acceptance and powered by a dedicated Supply Chain creates a strong ROI.


The organization embraces the Vision that is substantiated by solid Research and carefully outlined for Customer acceptance. Success for Associates, Customers, Suppliers, Management and Shareholders. 


Knowing how to leverage assets of one division to create new revenue and profit opportunities in another business unit is essential to sustainable growth.


New product category development designed to enhance a customer's life.


Re-engineer firm for financing & Shareholder Buy-out. 

Global Brands 

Supply Chain, Procurement, Contracts, Sourcing, Risk, Operations, Distribution, Technology, Automation and other areas of support. 

B2c & b2b

Leverage Quality People and Process to increase Profits. 


Innovative B2B and B2C products and solutions for U.S. marketplace.


Outsourcing Strategy to drive Revenues and ensure Margin. 

Give Back

Society evolves via Charity. NPO focus for those in need. 

real estate

Strategy with online and value to consumer R&D.

Diverse & international


People, Process & Technology supported by SAP Ariba


Creating a targeted offer requires market intelligence at local & national levels.


Bricks & Mortar to Click & Mortar and more in a seamless manner.


Supporting women world-wide on-line and at retail. 


Best practices with stronger ties to dealers in U.S. grow Sales.